Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events do you cater?

Crystal's Catering does everything from a continental breakfast and boxed lunches, to hors d’oeuvres and upscale corporate dinners to weddings and family gatherings. With a cooker that can be pulled onsite, we are even able to prepare made-to-order cuisine for any event. Crystal's Catering provides full service catering, delivery only, or pre-ordered pick-up.

What will my wedding cost?

Our average wedding price is $20-$35 per person for food.  Some menus are more than that, some are less than that.  It completely depends on your choice of menu.  Prices are plus tax, gratuity, and kitchen equipment (depending on venue).  Delivery only can be arranged and will not cost as much.

Why aren’t the prices on your website menus?

Our menus are customized to the tastes and needs of each individual client and prices will vary accordingly.

Do you provide servers?

Yes, Crystal's Catering provides exceptional staff and servers. The number of servers needed will depend on the type and size of your event.

What kind of attire does your staff wear during events?

Our staff is professionally dressed in black slacks and short sleeved button up logo shirts.  Have a special request?  We will do our best to accommodate.

Where do you cater to?

Anywhere! Crystal's Catering serves all of Hampton Roads, Emporia, Williamsburg, Central Virginia and the Northern Virginia as well as the Outer Banks and Northeastern North Carolina. We cater at private residences, venue-based locations, corporate sites and military installations.  We will travel to other locations if requested. Additional fees may be incurred based on location.

Do you do tastings?

Yes. Tastings are provided.  We also offer a paid tasting prior to your contract and deposit, if requested.

What type of payment schedule and deposit do I need to do?

A 30% deposit and a signed contract with Crystal's Catering will secure your date. We are happy to work with you in scheduling a payment plan that is easiest for you; full payment is required no later than thirty days prior to your event. Crystal's Caterings accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard.

Buffet vs. Plated?

Crystal's Catering is happy to provide either service for your event – a buffet or plated dinner. Please keep in mind, plated meals require additional servers and additional steps for the host if more than one menu choice is requested. Often we are asked if there is a price difference between a buffet and a plated dinner consisting of the same menu.  Additional staff may be needed for buffet COVID/CDC guidelines at this time.

Hors d’ oeuvres

This is a great way to offer plenty of variety and create a visual effect for your guests as well. Everyone will still leave happy and satisfied. Hors d’ oeuvres menus often become a showcase during an event.

What if we run out of food?

Crystal's Catering has NEVER run short on food at any event. Remember, however, it is the guest count which dictates the amount of food we prepare. The guest count must be accurate whether you choose a buffet dinner or a plated dinner.

What happens to any leftover food after my event?

Any remaining food from your event is packaged and available for you to take with you. If you decide not to take leftover foods, it is typically donated to a local shelter.

I don’t want anything too fancy, do you do smaller scale events?

Absolutely. Let us do your breakfast, lunch, rehearsal, baby shower….any event!

What are your delivery charges?

Delivery charges may or may not apply. This will depend on the type and location of your event.

Do you provide setup and cleanup?

Yes. Please discuss all setup and cleanup needs with us prior to the date of your event. We may be able to provide this service for you at no additional charge. Extensive setup and cleanup may incur a small fee.

What do you need from me to help me plan my event?

We will need the date, time, location, estimated number of guests and menu ideas/preferences; an approximate budget is also helpful. We can plan a menu within your budget but we cannot always provide the exact menu you may have anticipated at your budgeted price. We will do what we can to work within your price guidelines.  If you complete the  form located on the Menus page, that will give us everything needed to start a proposal for you.